About Dance Institute in Denver, CO

About Dance Institute in Denver, CO


Share the world of dance by providing technical training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Our mission is for Dance Institute studentes to have a well-rounded dance education. We are dedicated to our students’ self-assurance, poise, and confidence.


Dance Institute focuses on the advantages an education in dance has for young people. Benefits of dance include self-confidence, self-awareness, physical fitness, dedication and achievement. Dance Institute’s philosophy is grounded in these benefits. Students will learn dance as an art in a non-competitive environment. Students at Dance Institute will receive a diverse dance education. By offering classes that teach a combination of dance disciplines students will be exposed and trained in multiple forms of dance. This philosophy is important for our students for two reasons. First, it gives them the opportunity to become well-rounded dancers (vital for any dancer who wants to pursue dance in theater or as a profession). Second, by participating in combination classes, children can become talented dancers and still participate in other extracurricular activities.

What Sets Us Apart?

Parental Viewing

Dance Institute welcomes parents to view classes. We want you to see what your child is learning and offer comfortable chairs in a designated viewing area.

Affordable Classes

We offer combination classes so that students receive a well-rounded dance education without the expense of attending multiple classes.

Non-competitive Atmosphere

Students at Dance Institute are encouraged to work hard in a non-competitive atmosphere. No student or group of students receive more performing focus than others. All performances are community focused. No competitions!

Community Focused

We have been proud to be a part of the Denver community since 2005. We perform at many community events, and retirement home. Dance Institute donates show proceeds to local schools as well as raise funds and donations for local charities such as Food Bank of the Rockies.

Parent Involvement

The Dance Institute Parent Organization (DIPO) is designated to create community within the school. Parent involvement is key to success in any education.

Structured Curriculum

The Dance Institute school year runs September through June with a recital in June. Students will “graduate” in June into the classes starting the following September. This structure provides them with a sense of accomplishment and dedication to attending classes. January is the latest students can register for that school year. Summer workshops are offered in July. Workshops will be designed for new students to try-out the studio and see what class placement is best for them. Workshops will also be available for returning students to maintain their technique and fulfill their love of dance through the summer. Students will also have performance opportunities throughout the summer at various community events and retirement homes.

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