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through technical training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Our mission is for Dance Institute studentes to have a well-rounded dance education. We are dedicated to our students' self-assurance, poise, and confidence.


Classes Start September 6th

Why Choose Dance Classes at Dance Institute of Denver?

You will love your experience here at the Dance Institute in Denver. Our teachers are highly trained in all types of dance and they excel at teaching dance classes for kids in Denver by maintaining a fun, motivating and playful atmosphere. Our staff is also skilled in adult dance classes as well!


Classes Offered

Baby Moves – New for the 2019-2020 school year, Baby Moves is an interactive, creative 45 minute parent/baby class. You and your child will connect and play while working on large motor skills, and developing an ear for rhythm and music. Click on the Toddler Dance Tab to register.

Tott’n Tots – A fun introduction to dance class. Tott’n Tots is designed for your 2 or 3-year-old to learn basic movement. We start with circle time working on specific movements to music. Next, we work on large movements across the floor, there is free dance time and we end with tumbling. Click on the Toddler Tab to register.

Combo Classes

3 & 4-year-old, 4 & 5-year-old and 5 & 7-year-old classes are an hour long. We teach a combination of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. Our curriculum is designed for each dancer to grow throughout the year and builds on what is taught in the previous year. These classes perform in our annual June recital.

6-9-Year-Old: This combination class includes Ballet Tap and Jazz. 6-9 combo is a weekly 75-minute class. Dancers will perform 3 dances in our June recital.

8-11-Year-Old: 90 minutes for Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical Dance. Dancers will perform 3 dances in our June recital.

9-12-Year-Old: 2 hours of Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical Dance. Dancers will perform 3 dances in our June recital.

Advanced: We offer 4 levels of advanced combination classes. These classes are 2-hours once a week. Placement is at the discretion of our instructors. Levels 1 and 2 will learn Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Lyrical. Levels 3 and 4 will learn Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary. We may throw some other styles of dance in as well. Advance classes perform 3 dances in our June recital.

Ballet Classes

Pre-Pointe – For all our inspiring Ballerinas. Pre-Pointe works on the specific skills needed to dance en Pointe. Dancers are individually evaluated 3 times a year on their proficiency in 9 skills required for Pointe. Your dancer will know exactly what is needed to reach this exciting milestone. We recommend dancers start Pre-Pointe around the age of 10. These classes preform in our June recital.

Pointe – We offer 2 levels of Pointe class for our dancers. Placement is at the discretion of our instructors. These classes preform in our June recital.

Advanced Ballet – 90 Minutes of fabulous!! Don’t let the word Advanced deter your child from participating in this wonderful class. It is a traditional class designed to develop the fundamental and essential techniques of Ballet. Advance Ballet is required for all dancers participating in Competition.

Hip-Hop Classes

Have a blast popping, locking, breaking and learning the latest moves from our highly trained and professional group of instructors.

Intro to Hip-Hop: 45 minutes for ages 5-7. Dancers will perform 1 dance in our June recital.

Hip-Hop 1 : An hour long for ages 7-10. Dancers will perform 1 dance in our June recital.

Hip-Hop 2: An hour long for ages 10-13 Dancers will perform 1 dance in our June recital.

Hip-Hop 3: And hour long for ages 14-up. Yes Adults, go for it!!! Dancers will perform 1 dance in our June recital.

Additional Classes

Adult Tap

Don’t hesitate!! If you want to Tap come join us. It is a fun 45 minutes of dancing. All levels are welcome.

Leaps, Turns and Tricks

The title pretty much says it all. Your dancer will spend an hour working on all that is flashy and fun. This is a required class for dancers participating in Competition.

Advanced Techniques

Pick the Combination Class that best fits your dancer. Add as many classes as you can. We offer deep discounts on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even your 5th class.

Benefits of Dance for Kids

A study by the American Medical Association showed that dance lessons for adolescent girls resulted in more positive thoughts and gave them more confidence in themselves after dancing, especially in structured dance classes that focused on enjoyment rather than perfection and performance. We certainly all want that for our young students.

The dance lessons at the Dance Institute in Denver do prepare kids for performance as well, as they regularly perform at retirement homes, community events, fundraisers and an annual recital. The routines our dancers are taught require elongated movements and full extensions. Not only will this help our young students develop strong bodies to support them in all their activities, again, it helps them perfect their craft and feel more confident when performing outside of our classroom.

In addition to all these benefits, it’s well-known that dance lessons for kids improve over-all physical health; cardiovascular performance, muscular strength, endurance and more.


Benefits of Dance for Adults

Remember, dance classes aren’t just for kids. We offer adult dance classes at our Denver location as well. Dance Institute teaches adult dance classes in tap, ballet and more. Studies show that dance greatly helps range of motion, motor skills and promotes the free movement of joints. The adult dance classes at our Denver studio can do all this and more.

Dance classes can strengthen muscles and improve balance, significantly decreasing the chance of falls or injuries for older adults. Brain scans on adult recreational dancers have also shown that they experience less age-related deterioration than non-dancing seniors.

How We Differ from Other Studios

At the Dance Institute in Denver, we allow parental viewing of classes as well as parental involvement. We also offer combination dance classes, allowing students to learn and experience several different types of dance without the expense of multiple classes. Here, we offer hip hop dance classes, ballet dance classes and tap-dancing classes. If you or your young one starts in one type of dance lesson, and wants to try others, we offer the ability for them to do so. Our dance classes for kids as well as our adult dance classes, allow all ages to visit our Denver location and learn and grow in their respective fields of dance.

Explore our site for more information on our studio and classes schedule. The Dance Institute in Denver looks forward to having you!

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