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through technical training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Our mission is for Dance Institute studentes to have a well-rounded dance education. We are dedicated to our students' self-assurance, poise, and confidence.


Classes Start September 6th

Rules and Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance. The best way for everyone to be safe is to follow directions.

Students that pose a risk to others with their behavior will be asked to sit out.

No hanging from the ballet barres.

No gum or jewelry in class.

Students may bring a closed water bottle into class.


Proper attire is very important in dance. It allows for freedom of movement and is also needed for the instructor to view a student’s body positions. Female dancers up to age 9 will wear black short sleeve leotards and pink tights. Tights and leotards of any color are the base attire for all classes. Skirts may be worn during Ballet and dance pants may be worn during Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop. Male dancers of all ages may wear dance pants and T-shirts. Please, nothing loose or baggy. All dancers will need the proper shoes. Dancewear can be purchased through the studio.


Hair must be off the face. A bun is best for long hair. Pigtails are best for students in tumbling.

Class viewing

While viewing class, we ask that you refrain from talking.

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